Optimize the moisture level of your skin and enhance your complexion with Brightening Beauty ~ with its nourishing natural ingredients ~ fragrance free and free from essential oils for those who have sensitive skin or prefer an unscented yet divine cream rich in texture. 

It helps to reduce the look of dull skin by brightening complexion and providing superb hydration. 

Bearberry leaf extract and beta carotene are the power ingredients which help to brighten complexion and preserve moisture.  An excellent choice for dry and ageing skin.

Carrot oil – rich in beta carotene and carotenoids, vitamins A and E. It is superb for revitalizing skin cells and it is a natural antioxidant.

Bearberry Leaf Extract – a natural compound which is a skin-lightening agent that has been shown to inactivate the enzyme responsible for skin pigmentation.


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How to use: Apply several pea size amounts of cream to a clean face and gently massage into skin until absorbed.

Use morning and evening as part of your daily skincare routine.

Full Ingredient List: Neroli Hydrosol, *Shea Butter, *Sweet Almond Oil, Cetearyl olivate, Carrot Infused Oil, *Argan Oil, *Glycerin,  Bearberry Leaf Extract, Salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid, *Vitamin E, Xanthan gum (*organic). Sensitisers: Benzyl alcohol

Ideal for most skin types including sensitive skin, dry skin and to help brighten a dull complexion.



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