The Natural Zest Story

Hi, I’m Amanda, the founder of Natural Zest Skincare. I qualified as a Registered Nurse in the UK in 1999. Having a keen interest in health, but drawn to learn more about alternative therapies and what they had to offer, I embarked upon a Diploma in Aromatherapy in 2002, which opened the world of nature in respect of Essential Oils and Carrier Oils.

I started using essential oils for my own benefit – adding them to moisture creams which I bought. I started to become more inquisitive about the ingredients that were in the moisture creams I was using, and after researching a little, I decided I wanted to make my own skincare products – that way I would know exactly what ingredients I was using and where they originated from.

With a love of nature and all it has to offer, I began a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. In 2017 I gained my diploma, including a distinction in formulation skills. From there the Natural Zest Skincare brand was created!
With ongoing study for a Certificate of Herbal Medicine, I am looking forward to formulating more products derived from nature into the skincare range!

Amanda, the founder of Natural Zest Skincare

“I hope you enjoy the beautiful bouquets and benefits that Nature’s gifts have to offer through the elegance and simplicity of Natural Zest Skincare range”.