The Natural Zest Story

Kia ora, I’m Amanda!

I live in the wonderful ‘Garden City’ of Christchurch, New Zealand, which is where I handcraft my beautiful range of Natural Zest products.

My journey to creating Natural Zest Skincare goes back a long way. From a young age I suffered with dry skin and my face would often feel ‘tight’. After trying a number of major skincare products, I found that I was still unhappy with the results. My skin would often react to the products, become red and even sting at times.  This was causing me to feel self-conscious, and my skin very uncomfortable.

Some years later, as luck would have it I visited an alternative therapist who introduced me to the use of essential oils in creams. To my delight my skin improved!! From there my fascination with essential oils grew, and I embarked upon a Diploma in Aromatherapy. This opened my mind to the healing nature of plants and the amazing benefits of their properties in skincare. I gained my qualification in 2002 and became a registered aromatherapist.

From this point on, I started adding essential oils to the creams that I bought. However I started to become more and more inquisitive about the ingredients used in mainstream skincare. I found in order for me to have complete confidence in the products I was using, I needed to formulate my own products. This way I would know exactly what ingredients I was using and where they were sourced from.

I have continued to study further and have gained a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, including a distinction in formulation skills. I am currently studying for a Certificate of Herbal Medicine to further my knowledge of the beneficial properties of plants.

Knowledge and education are key components of ensuring that people choose the right product for their skin. As a registered nurse I’ve always loved helping people feel better about themselves. I am committed to sharing my knowledge with you in the hope that you can achieve the same success I have had in my skincare journey.

Amanda, Natural Zest Skincare

NATURAL ~ ‘derived from nature’

ZEST ~ ‘great enthusiasm and energy’ ~ ‘to put your whole heart and soul into it!’