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Amanda Grindrod
Founder of Natural Zest Skincare

“… aspiration is to help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin, with the knowledge you are using socially conscious, natural skincare products…..”


At Natural Zest Skincare we focus on socially conscious skincare. Ethical trade practices, sustainability, cruelty free, environmentally friendly, 100% natural plant based, transparency of ingredients and education are at our heart. 
Unlike other companies, we do not formulate using water as the base in our products. We choose premium quality, high performance plant based ingredients which promote healthy balanced skin. We use hydrosols as one of our main ingredients rather than water. A hydrosol is the substance which is formed when plants are distilled. They contain components of the plants and these are powerful therapeutic agents in their own right.
We want you to gain all the benefits from powerful plant extracts, leaving you looking and feeling your best – naturally and authentically. 


All ingredients are disclosed so that you can make informed decisions about what you choose to put on your skin. It’s about helping you make the right decision for you. Even natural ingredients can be allergenic for some people. It’s important that you know what is in your products to help you make the right choice for your skin.
Our ethos and promise is to produce only high quality products using natural and organic ingredients. Any preservatives used to ensure prevention against growth of bacteria or mould are derived from natural sources. Natural Zest products do not contain any harmful chemicals and are against animal testing.
Natural Skincare
Our products are packaged in glass jars and bottles which can either be recycled or reused. Our items are packaged in boxes which are made of 100% recycled materials and are 100% compostable and curbside recyclable. Our tissue paper is printed with soy ink, acid free paper and is FSC certified – it’s 100% compostable or recycle friendly.
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“Redefining beauty through healthy skin” 


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Natural Zest
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