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A carefully selected blend of essential oils has been chosen for both their beautiful aromas and the benefits they offer to the skin and the mind.


Mango & Calendula Soothing Cream – 50g
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Shea Butter & Vitamin E Rich Moisture Cream – 50g
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Brightening Beauty Cream – 50g
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Revitalise Facial Oil – 25ml
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Jasmine & Manuka Luxurious Day Cream – 50g
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Toner and Cleanser

Sweet Orange and Neroli Facial Toner – 100ml
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Bearberry Leaf Foaming Cleanser – 150ml
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“I have been using this cream now for several months and I think its great. It has a nice consistency (not too thick not too watery) and goes on my skin really well. It’s a natural product which I think is awesome and smells amazing. I use mine twice a day, don’t need to use much for each application and it last a while. My daughter has also stated using it and can highly recommend.”


“Just a quick line to say how much I love using your products – both the toner and moisturisers. My skin feels healthier and clearer and it’s reassuring to know that your products are ethically resourced and produced.”

Elisabeth (RN and consumer)

“I have sensitive skin and I have always been reluctant to change the skincare range I have used for years. The Shea Butter moisturiser is beautiful. I love the smell and my skin feels amazing. The cleanser is easy to apply, rinse off and also smells lovely”.


“My daughter and I both use the foaming cleanser, toner and moisturisers. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling invigorated, the toner is beautiful and refreshing and the moisturisers leave my skin well hydrated and nourished. I highly recommend these high quality aromatic natural products”.


  • Description – suitable for all skin types, helps regulate, balance and moisturise the skin while providing a beautiful uplifting floral aroma.

    Main Ingredients:  *Organic Sunflower Oil, *Organic Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Neroli Hydrosol, Essential oils *lavender,*lemongrass and *ylang ylang.  (*organic) Organic Sunflower Oil contains Vitamins E (an important antioxidant which helps protect the oils in our skin), A and D. It is high in linoleic and oleic acids which help nourish the skin. Organic unrefined Shea Butter has rich moisturising properties and has skin healing properties which may help with skin conditions and stretch-mark prevention. It has been reported to display sun-protection properties. Vitamin E helps to nourish, regenerate and heal the skin. It is an antioxidant – it helps protect the tissues from free radical damage and is a fabulous anti-ageing product! Neroli Hydrosol also known as ‘Orange Flower Water’ is the end-product of the distillation of Neroli Essential Oil. It helps to balance the skin – especially oily skin types and is an astringent. Ylang Ylang has a balancing effect on the skin, it helps to regulate the skin and restore a healthy complexion. Lemongrass has an astringent and toning effect on oily skin and has powerful action against acne. Lavender is excellent for all skin types. It is renowned for its healing, antiseptic and soothing properties.